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  • SexGaymes


    Andy Stone, Brodie Woods and Mitch Milano

    When the police come calling, make sure you're not jerking your tool like this hot twink. Brodie's much too invested in [...]

  • Bare


    Fist Pigs 2 - Sc 4

    These holes are just crying out to be filled, and we've got the pigs to fill them. Unbridled fisting action straight fr [...]

  • Rearstable


    Menace - Sc 2

    Furry pup RJ Danvers get's locked and loaded by Pistol Pete's sweet piece of weaponry in this hot encounter.

  • Treasure Island


    Drunk On Cum 5 - Sc 8

    I put together an event in Chicago for JAMES ROSCOE, the "Buck-a-Suck". All a man had to do was pay JAMES ROSCOE a buck [...]

  • CyberBears


    Steamy Encounters - Sc 3

    Tattooed muscle daddy Til Wegman picks up T.P. Deaux in the locker room, and the two of them go at it.

  • Fetish Force


    Sex Pack 5 - Sc 3

    Joe Stack behind the scenes doing a photo shoot on his motorbike - includes pissing, wanking and posing.

  • Boykakke


    My Gooey Lover 2

    Tanapat gives Yaum's smooth ass a hard, deep fucking before splashing a sweet load from his thick manmeat all over Yaum' [...]

  • SexGaymes


    Antonio Biaggi, Dominic Sol and RJ Danvers

    Dominic, Antonio and RJ are drinking beer and listening to the crickets as they watch the fire. Antonio has fucking on h [...]

  • Bare


    Straight Guys - Sc6

    Hot straight guys shooting load after load! Straight guys for gay eyes!!

  • Rearstable


    Tail Pipes - Sc 2

    n the second scene of this tail-chasing marathon, Roman is teamed up with Raging Stallion Exclusive Remy Delaine for a n [...]

  • Treasure Island


    Bone Deep - Sc 5

    Every once in a while, you see a cock that redefines the word "HUGE". J. AUSTIN, a diffident Atlanta horseman, has a coc [...]

  • CyberBears


    Eros Encounters - Sc 2

    Manuel and Goatee Guy are getting it on in the lofts when KJ Bear, Hank, and Eric Bear decide to join in. The action goe [...]

  • Fetish Force


    Grunts - Bonus - Victor Steele

    Watch as Victor still wearing face camouflage strips and jerks himself off in multiple positions.

  • Boykakke


    The GoGo Boy

    Have you ever been to a gay Thai go-go bar? A customer has just come over Pimp Keng's house, offering big money for his [...]

  • SexGaymes


    Andres, Angelo, Austin, Pedro, Petter and Sebastian

    This lineup is stunning with muscles and hard cock in every direction.

  • Bare


    Double Dipping - S5

    The highlight is when R.J. cums with David Samson fisting his ass. R.J. has a true, visible out-of-body experience. The [...]

  • Rearstable


    Big, Bigger, Biggest Pt2 - Sc 2

    Tristan Phoenix is already on his knees with Antonio Biaggi's massive cock in his throat. Tristan works his way up and d [...]

  • Treasure Island


    Ass Stretchers 5 - Sc 6

    If you like aggressive muscle studs, you'll love TARIK: beefy butt, bulging pecs, big dick, and lots of machismo. The ma [...]

  • CyberBears


    Eros Encounters - Sc 3

    T.P. Deaux totally tops submissive bottom Tony from lips to hips, before shooting a heavy load on his chest. There's a g [...]

  • Rearstable


    Bang That Ass - Sc 3

    Marcos pumps Max until neither can take it anymore and he shoots his load all over Max's muscular chest. Max can't help [...]